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Ahmad Arzabak

Ahmad Arzabak was born in Iran. His family upbringing has served him well throughout his life. Ahmad did his early education in Iran and his advance education in Sociology in Southern California. From early on, Ahmad developed a keen interest in the Iranian revolution and was an active member of the students groups who engaged in various activities, exposing the human rights violations in Iran under the Shah. Professionally, after the fall of the Shah and in the early 1980s, Ahmad was partner to a chain of successful restaurants in Southern California. Later, he worked with the Fortune 500’s largest network technology company in the field of sale, management and development. As a nationally recognized top Senior Manager and as a member of the President Council, he trained and developed thousands of successful leaders in the U.S. during his thirty-year career as a professional. In 2006, Ahmad retired from a very successful carrier to fulfill his calling as a philanthropist, helping others achieve their greatness by sharing the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect personal and business performance. He has also been involved in some private investing from time to time.