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Iran: Execution of Three Uprising Prisoners in Isfahan Despite Domestic and Global Protests

Iran: Execution of Three Uprising Prisoners in Isfahan Despite Domestic and Global Protests

The Iranian regime’s judiciary, under the orders of Khamenei, carried out the execution of three uprising prisoners in Isfahan today, on Friday, May 19. Despite widespread domestic and international protests, Saleh Mirhashmi (36 years old), Majid Kazemi (30 years old), and Saeed Yaqoubi (37 years old) were subjected to months of physical and mental torture before being accused of fabricated charges of “Moharebeh (enmity against God)” and executed. The ruling religious fascism justified these executions by citing the deaths of several repressive forces during the Isfahan uprising in November.

These criminal executions are part of an ongoing wave of executions since late April, aimed at suppressing any potential uprising. On Thursday, May 18 alone, 16 prisoners were executed, bringing the total number of executions to 112 over the past four weeks.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), stated that not a day goes by without the bloodthirsty Khamenei shedding the blood of our young people to cling to his abhorrent reign and stave off its inevitable collapse. The mullahs’ regime is unable to rule a single day without resorting to repression, torture, and executions. The sole path for the people of Iran to free themselves is through uprising and resistance.

We called upon the United Nations, the European Union, and member states to denounce this wave of executions and to take immediate action to compel the regime to cease the cycle of arrests, torture, and executions. She stressed that failure to act against this regime, which is an affront to humanity, contradicts the fundamental principles and universality of human rights.