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UNAMI calls for continued consultations on Camp Ashraf

Baghdad– At different meetings with representatives of the Government of Iraq and with representatives of the diplomatic community in Baghdad, UNAMI has continued to promote further consultations concerning the future of the residents of Camp Ashraf. 

In light of the Government’s announcement that initial steps will be undertaken on 15 December, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Ad Melkert, has reiterated the UN’s concern that any action should be based on the principle that residents should be protected from forcible deportation, expulsion or repatriation contrary to the non-refoulement principle. 

UNAMI calls on all stakeholders to intensify consultations to look for a resolution that is consistent with Iraq’s legitimate sovereignty rights and international law; that will be based on the free expression of personal preference by individual residents; and that will seriously address options for voluntary resettlement outside Iraq. 

The UN remains committed in the weeks ahead to monitor the situation in the camp on a daily basis, following the practice of regular monitoring over the past few years by UNAMI and the High Commissioner on Human Rights