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Blogger Sattar Beheshti


Blogger Sattar Beheshti

The following is the last blog post of Iranian activist Sattar Behesthi.
  Beheshti was detained because of his activism, and died under torture during his interrogation.

Translated by: Freedom Messenger

They threaten us, and say that we should not give information otherwise they’ll shut our mouths.

It’s been a while now that the Iranian regime has put a lot of pressure against activists and other independent Iranians to maintain their opinions and thoughts to themselves.

Threats from detention and torture to public executions in order to scare the people!

The people on the frontline is an everyday problem for the Iranian regime where public beating and threats has become a regular matter in our society.

Just this past day day, they threatened me that my mother should prepare herself to wear black clothes indicating my killing, or that if I didn’t close my big mouth; they would make sure it would always stay opened for prayers.

If I write anything I hear and see, they will deal with me in any way that they want until I shut up otherwise they would make sure that I would be silenced without leaving any marks and signs for anyone to know what happened to me! “You will be in no one’s memory and you are a traitor to this nation!”

My intentions are not against my nation thus I’m not a traitor, I love my people, you are the real traitors in our country who does this to our people!

Day and night they threaten us with phone calls and letters, I can’t be be silenced with every expression because I’m an Iranian! I cannot be silenced against this suffering and tragedy!

I’d say you people are doing a terrific job with this bullshit leading our country towards destruction!

There will never be a moment in my life where I shall be silenced even if this leads to my death. No matter where I will be in this world, your threats to kill me is not important to me. “Gentlemen” please close your mouth and stop this injustice so that we don’t have to expose it.

This regime is hypocritically concerned about the freedom of expression in Palestine, Bahrain and many other countries, but does this tell you the whole story regarding these professional actors of and their reasons, how can the Iranian regime  record live in these nations and spread their state owned media propaganda to our nation? Not to mention its one sided reporting containing indoctrinated news which forces the Iranian people to eat their propaganda until you puke!

Yet they are silent when it comes to our human rights in our own nation…

Every day we face, imprisonment, torture and group executions which are never officially mentioned, the political prisoners have the worst conditions without even the presence of lawyers. They don’t even let families get a hold of some information regarding their loved ones.

They don’t allow the families to be interview from independent sources nor inform anyone about their children’s presence and conditions.

The threats don’t even stop there; they can easily arrest you and your entire family leaving their destiny in the hands of brutal henchmen. They say that they will arrest the women and girls of the families and their motto is: “We will detain, we will torture, you shall be silenced, and you shall not give information!”

Dear “Gentlemen”; what kind of law says this?! What lawful nation performs these acts?

Right now, you are doing this to the Iranian people. Do these acts occur in other countries ruled by dictators as well?

Believe me, not even in the worst dictatrorships  do they enforce these kinds of laws.

Even if this is applied in nations with almost the same brutality, it would not be in the name of God and religion.

Why do they must arrest us, torture us, put us to death and silence our families?!

Why won’t you step down from these tyrannical acts. To see and taste what happens to other countries that went through this,

It’s time for you to realize that this kind of system you have will not even be found in the jungle!

Oh yes, let me spread my expression and information to other countries so that they can see what kind of democracy our people have here. How is that your television network has reporters all over the world, reporting and publishing whatever you want but other nations and their reports can not do the same in our nation?

In order for your regime to survive maybe a couple of more days, you think it’s worth all the killings and executions?

But I have a suggestion, if you’re afraid of information, resign this government, stop this injustice, do not arrest, do not torture, do not slaughter our people, otherwise this injustice will be brought upon yourselves.

Bringing attention to the status of any individual under suppression and oppression is a duty for all Iranians in this society! Anyone who fails or minimizes his obligation is first of all betraying  his own conscience.

Anyone who becomes the voice of our dissagrement against this regime will step by step be able to silence this injustice. Even if this dissagrement is on the corners of our country or even between our own family members.

So lets embrace these threats. We are no longer afraid, fear is no longer within us. Flogging and torture will not stop us from spreading information.

If your motto is: “We will detain, we will torture, you shall be silenced, and you shall not give information!” then don’t spread this information.

But our motto is: We have taken a stand in the face of oppression, our freedom is either obtained by the end of our struggle or the end of your injustice!

Long live Iran and Iranians, let my life be sacrificed for Iran.

Author:  Sattar Beheshti