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  • Death Penalty 2021: State-sanctioned killings rise as executions spike in Iran and Saudi Arabia

    • Iran records highest known execution figure since 2017 • Despite regression, 2021 global execution figure represents the second-lowest figure Amnesty International has recorded since at least 2010 • Easing of Covid-19 restrictions sees surge in number of recorded death sentences • Almost 90 known to have been sentenced to death under martial law in Myanmar 2021...

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  • Iran: Arrests Amid Economic Protests

    (Beirut) – Iranian authorities have arrested several prominent activists on baseless accusations amid labor union strikes and ongoing protests against rising prices, since May 6, 2022, in dozens of small towns, Human Rights Watch said today. Those arrested include a prominent sociologist and four labor rights defenders. News outlets close...

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  • Iran: Ailing prisoners left to die amid crisis of impunity for fatal denial of medical care

    Iranian prison officials are committing shocking violations of the right to life by deliberately denying ailing prisoners lifesaving healthcare and refusing to investigate and ensure accountability for unlawful deaths in custody, Amnesty International said today. In a new briefing, In death’s waiting room: Deaths in custody following deliberate denial...

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  • Iranian Security Use Pepper Spray Against Female Soccer Fans

    The Iranian regime’s brutality against women who wanted to attend the national soccer team’s match in Mashhad has become one of the main topics in Iran’s media and has once again revealed its misogynist nature. Shortly before the start of the match, the regime decided to prevent women from entering...

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