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  • The Iran Regime Hit With Severe New Sanctions

    By Staff Writer On Wednesday 16th May, the Treasury of the United States and its Persian Gulf Allies made a common decision to impose new sanctions on senior leaders of Hezbollah (who depend with the regime of Mullahs) including their deputy and other connected entities. Reuters News reported more on this...

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  • Human Rights Watch Calls on Iran to Halt Death Sentence of Protester

    16 May – Human Rights Watch has said that the Iranian judiciary should halt the execution of a member of the Gonabadi Dervish community and release all Dervish members who have been arbitrarily detained since February 2018. On February 20, the Iranian authorities arrested over 300 Dervishes (by some counts...

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  • Teacher Protests Throughout Iran Faced With Security Force Brutality

    11 May – Incoming reports indicate a number of teachers being “beaten and detained” during a protest by retired and employed teachers in Tehran, “in the aftermath of crackdown by security forces.” The protest took place on Thursday May 10th, in front of the Planning and Budget Organization in Tehran,...

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  • Foreign Social Media Networks Banned in Iranian Schools

    On Sunday 15th April, it was reported by state media in Iran that the ministry of education would be banning the use of foreign social media in schools. It is apparently part of an effort by the government to encourage the use of domestic social networks. Clearly is it an...

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