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  • Protesters Are Being Tortured to Death in Iran

    19 Jan – The names of six young Iranians, who were killed under torture by the Regime authorities during the recent protests, have been released. The body of Seyed Shahab Abtahi, 20, was left on his father’s doorstep with signs of baton blows clearly visible, just 10 days after his...

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  • Trump’s targeting of Iran comes as Islamic leaders torture and kill 8,000 protesters

    By Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Iran’s rulers have inflicted death by torture and gunfire on citizen protesters in a crackdown since the Dec. 28 street uprising erupted, the main opposition group said Tuesday. The Europe-based National Council of Resistance of Iran says the Islamic republic’s ubiquitous security apparatus...

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  • Iran Protests Are Unique

    12 Jan – The current Iranian protests are notable for two main reasons: geographic scope and range of grievances. Unlike previous protests, these are mainly populated by the working class, taking place in almost every city and town in Iran, without a singular cause. In fact, here are just a few...

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  • A Look at the Real Stories Behind Iran’s Protests

    5 Jan – As deep-seated unrest among the citizens risks Iran becoming the next Syria, let’s take a look at how those on the ground have been affected by the disastrous decisions of the Iranian government. These protests initially began because of a sharp increase in the cost of living,...

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