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The U.S. Foundation for Liberty is a non-profit, 501C4 volunteer organization formed by U.S. citizens of Iranian descent, and is a sister organization of U.S Foundation for Liberty and Human Rights.  Many of the volunteers themselves have been victims of Iranian regime’s brutality. Having experienced firsthand the abuse of their rights, these volunteers have been inspired to promote and advance the human rights in Iran, the rights of Iranian women, youths and victims of human rights violations as well as refugees, who have fled the repression inside Iran.

The Foundation has had many projects dealing with the resettlement of political refugees in third countries. In one it is most difficult, complex, but successful campaigns, it helped complete the transfer to Albania of thousands of residents of Camp Liberty, Iraq, in 2016. These refugees were designated as ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘persons of concern’ by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and as ‘protected persons’ under the Fourth Geneva Convention by the United States.

Now that these dissidents have resettled in Albania, the USFL is working to help them with food, shelter, medical care and other needs. They used to live in Camp Liberty, Iraq, near Baghdad International Airport. One third of the residents were political prisoners and an equal number are women. They fled persecution in Iran and took refuge in Iraq in the 1980s.

The Iranian regime views these dissidents as an existential threat and is thus plotting to annihilate them.

The residents were repeatedly attacked by Iraqi security forces at the behest of Tehran, resulting in over 140 murdered and some 1,400 wounded in several deadly assaults.

Many of the injured refugees are now in hospitals in Albania and need urgent medical care, including major surgery, in order to survive.

These dissidents oppose the extremist ideology of the mullahs ruling Iran and want to see the establishment of a democratic, secular and non-nuclear Iran, which would also serve the interests of the United States because such an Iran would contribute significantly to regional as well as global peace and security.

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