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  • Iran Earthquake Sees More Than 540 Dead: What Is Regime Doing?

    London, 14 Nov – Thousands of Iranians have been forced to spend a second night exposed to the elements following the earthquake that killed over 540. On Sunday, the 7.3-magnitude quake struck at the Iran-Iraq border, in a mountainous region spanning Iran’s Kermanshah province and Iraqi Kurdistan, causing many occupants...

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  • Powerful Quake Kills Hundreds in Iran

    by Jubin Katiraie Nov 13: An earthquake, 7.3 magnitude near the Iraq-Iran border has killed more than 400 people and sent residents escaping their homes into the night, authorities said. Iran’s western Kermanshah province bore the impact of the quake on Sunday night, with authorities saying the quake killed more than...

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  • Iran: Inhumane Pressure on Political Prisoners and Labour Activists

    12 November: According to reports, the Iranian regime’s judiciary and security authorities have opposed and prevented the transfer of the imprisoned labour activist Mahmoud Salehi to a well-equipped hospital. Doctors have insisted that this labour activist should be transferred to a more accessible hospital soon due to acute cardiac, kidney...

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  • Amnesty Launches Campaign to Protect Evidence Relating to 1988 Iran Massacre

    5 Sep – Amnesty International launched a campaign to stop the Iranian Regime from destroying one of the mass graves in which some of the over 30,000 victims of the 1988 massacre are buried. The grave in question, located in the southern city of Ahvaz, is of immediate concern because...

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