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  • US House of Representatives Votes to Condemn 1988 Iran Massacre

    13 Jun – The US House of Representatives has passed a bill condemning the 1988 Iranian massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, Resolution 188, officially titled: The condemnation of the Iranian government for the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and the invitation to call for...

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  • Bring Iran Regime to Justice for Murdering Our Son, Plead US Parents

    12 Jun – Two Ohio parents have shared the heartbreaking story of the loss of their son and why the Iranian Regime must be held to account. Les and Donna Kuglics wrote an opinion piece for Cleveland, in which they call for the Iranian Regime...

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    May 10 – Following last Wednesday’s deadly mine explosion in Golestan Province, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani finally saw fit to visit the city, on Sunday, during his re-election campaign tour. However, Rouhani was met by protesters who were angry that safety concerns had not been...

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  • State media: 300% decrease in foreign investment in Iran

    May 10,  The Iranian state-run Vatan daily published a statement on Monday issued by so-called Oil Industry Specialists in an attempt to undermine a recent speech delivered by the Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani. Vatan, linked to the faction of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader...

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